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Visa checklist - Transit visas

Applying for a Transit Visa to Australia

Who should apply for a Transit visa?

If you are an Indonesian passport holder, no transit visa is required if you depart Australia within 8 hours of your arrival. This also applies to passport holders of some other countries – see the other website links below.

You should apply for this visa if:

  • You will be in Australia for more than 8 hours and less than 72 hours (if you want to stay in Australia for more than 72 hours, you should apply for another type of visa instead - see the main checklist page). 
  • Your main purpose in entering Australia is because: 
    • you are on your way to another country (are in transit); OR
    • you are going to join a non-military ship as a crew member.

What are the details of the Transit visa?

  • There is no visa application charge for this type of visa 
  • This visa must be applied for before you travel to Australia 
  • The transit visa allows you to exit the airport area. However, a transit visa is still required even if you do not leave the airport area and want to stay only in the transit lounge. 

Checklist - The following documents should be included with your application
  • Application form (Form 876). Completed and signed. There is no fee for this visa
  • You will need to provide a certified true copy by our Service Delivery Partner (Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC)) of the biodata and visa pages of your passport with your application
  • One recent passport-sized photo of yourself and family members included in the application
  • For Indonesian Nationals, copies of your Identification Card (KTP) & Family Card (Kartu Keluarga)
  • If your family members (spouse, children under 18 years of age) are included in the application or are travelling with you, evidence of their relationship to you (for example - birth certificate, marriage certificate, family card, etc)
  • If you are under 18 years old and:
    • Travelling without both of your parents, Form 1229 and parents’ copy of identification cards; or
    • Travelling with one of your parent, Form 1229 and this parent copy of identification card
  • Evidence of travel tickets or documentation which shows what your travel arrangments are, after you leave Australia
  • If you are a person joining the crew of a ship, provide the information required in the section below.  

People joining the crew of a ship (in addition to the information provided above)

People who are joining the crew of a ship will also need to provide a statement from the local shipping/handling agent, which states: 

  • The names of the person(s) joining the ship as crew;
  • The names of the person(s) they are replacing;
  • The name of the ship;
  • The expected date of arrival in Australia of all the people needing a visa;
  • The port and date they are expected to join the ship;
  • If the are not the ship’s owner, a copy of the request for crew from the ship’s agent in Australia. The request should contain the details of the crew members applying for visas. 


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