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Passport Processing Procedures

Passport Processing Procedures

Measures to enhance Australia’s Passport Security

From 1 December 2003, missions overseas will no longer have the facility to issue full validity passports. It will be important therefore for citizens living in Indonesia to plan well ahead to allow plenty of time when seeking a replacement passport.

The changes are part of continuing measures to enhance the integrity of Australia’s passport issuing system in the current global security environment. The key changes include:

  • passport production to be restricted to regional production centres in either Canberra, London or Washington.
  • the introduction of a new passport Application Form, and the subsequent tightening of rules surrounding (a) the issue of a passport in a new name and (b) proof of identity requirements to be met at lodgement.
  • the standard 10-day turn-around time for the issue of a full validity passport will universally apply overseas.
  • the introduction overseas of a limited validity Emergency Passport
  • the introduction of a new and more secure E Series Australian Passport (from 24 October 2005)

The current global security environment is the major driving force behind the decision to regionalise passport production and the use of new specialised printing and laminating equipment which will allow the delivery of a standardised, high quality, and much more secure passport system.

From December 2003, Australian missions abroad will not be able to issue full validity passports across the counter. The Jakarta Embassy and the Bali Consulate-General will continue to accept lodgement of application forms, conduct passport interviews, confirm entitlement to an Australian passport and carry out local identity checks. However, in most cases the passport will be issued by the regional production centre in Canberra.

The turn-around time for this service will be 10 working days, calculated from time of lodgement until the replacement passport is received back by the mission. Citizens will have the option of collecting the passport from the Embassy / Consulate or having it despatched (by secure mail or courier) to their residential address.

For Australians living in Indonesia, good planning will enable them to have a full validity document issued at a regional production centre and returned to the post within the same 10-day turn-around time that now applies in Australia.

Where Australians have an urgent unforeseen need to travel and cannot wait to receive their full validity passport, the option will exist for posts to issue a limited validity Emergency Passport in a time-frame to meet the client's travel needs. The Emergency Passport has the same look, feel and security as a full validity document but contains only four visa pages. Its validity will be restricted to meet the immediate travel needs of the client. An Emergency Passport will only be issued where the applicant can prove his / her Australian citizenship and identity and will attract payment of the additional priority processing fee (currently A$105).

Additional information can be found on the passports web site