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Applying for an Australian visa - Before you apply

 Before you apply 

On this page: What visa should I apply for? ♦ Should I use an agent? ♦ Do I need to provide original documents, copies, or translations? ♦ Do I need to have a Medical Examination / X-Ray? ♦ What if I am aged 75 years or older? ♦ What if I am under 18 years old? ♦ How much is the application fee?  

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What visa should I apply for?

Before lodging your application, you are strongly encouraged to visit the website of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for more information about your visa options and the visa requirements. The Visa Wizard can also help you find the best visa to apply for.

Should I use an agent?

You can apply without using an agent. Before using a migration agent, we recommend that you see the following:

Do I need to provide original documents, copies, or translations?

  • For student applications, provide original documents – these will be returned to you after a decision is made on the application
  • For citizenship and migration applications, provide certified copies
    • if lodged in Indonesia – certified by a Public Notary or by an AVAC staff member.
    • If lodged in Australia – by a person authorised to witness Statutory Declarations
  • For other applications, you may use photocopies although you may be requested to provide original documents later, which will be returned to you
  • Documents not in English must be accompanied by accredited English translations.
    For list of sworn translators in Indonesia, please see
    If you are in Australia, it is recommended that you use a translator who has been accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translations and Interpreters (NAATI). Further information on NAATI is available from their website

Do I need to have a Medical Examination / X-Ray?

The health requirements can be complex, and so you are encouraged to read the immigration website for a full description of the health requirements. The following information applies to Indonesian citizens only.

Generally, medical examinations and x-rays results are valid for a 12 months, and you do not need to do (undertake) a new medical test in this period if you lodge a new application. However, you may need to do new medical tests if you apply for a different visa or a different length of stay in Australia - your case officer will advise you after you lodge your application if this applies to you. Your case officer may also request additional medical tests if there is a doubt that you may not meet the health requirement.

If you are applying for a temporary visa (such as a Visitor visa), you are not required to do a medical examination or x-ray, unless you:

  • are applying for a stay longer than 3 months in Australia, in a single visit
  • are likely to enter a classroom environment for more than 3 months
  • are likely to enter a hospital, nursing home, or other health care environment
  • want to study as a doctor, dentist or nurse
  • are likely to work (or be a trainee) at an Australian childcare centre (including preschools and creches)
  • are aged 75 years or older (go directly to the section below for clients over 75 years old).
    If one or more of these circumstances applies to you, see the health requirement for temporary entry information form (note: Indonesia is classified as a “Higher risk” country).

If you are applying for a permanent visa (except for a Resident Return visa), or you are a member of the family of someone who is, then you will need to do:

  • a medical examination
  • a chest x-ray examination (if you are 11 years or older).
  • a HIV test (if you are 15 years or older).

Doctors. Medical examinations and x-rays in Indonesia must be done by one of the doctors on the panel list. The results will be uploaded electronically in the system to Global Health in Australia. The medical application forms are available from the doctor, or our website.

eHealth. Our online system for processing health examination results, is now available at selected panel clinics. eHealth works with visa applications which can be lodged online using the eVisa system. At this time for Indonesian citizens, this mainly concerns student visa applicants. See the link below on Panel Doctors.

HEALTH CLEARANCES – Please note the average time for a health clearance to be processed once a medical check has been undertaken is:

  • Eight weeks for a Temporary Entry visa
  • Three months for a Permanent Entry visa
The time frames provided are a guide only and may vary.

More information / links: 

What if I am aged 75 years or older*?

If you are 75 years or older AND you are applying for a Visitor and Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa of subclass 600 and 400, then you will also be required to provide:

  1. Evidence from a panel doctor (see the section above on medical examinations) that states that you are fit to travel to Australia and return home without assistance. The medical application form will be available from your panel doctor (“Assessment for Australian Visa Applicants 75 Years and over”)
  2. Evidence (when you lodge your visa application) that you have medical insurance to cover the full period of your stay in Australia. You can organise this through most agents or obtain insurance yourself.

If you are applying for another type of visa, there are no other requirements.

What if I am under 18 years old?

For applicants aged less than 18 years who are NOT travelling with both parents, the non-travelling parent(s) or guardian(s) should also provide:

  • Written consent letter(s) confirming the permission of the parent(s) for the child to travel to Australia, and stating the period of time that the child is permitted to stay in Australia
  • A copy of an identification (passport) document for the parent(s).

How much is the application fee?

This link contains information on the application fees     

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