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On this page: Things to remember when completing an application ♦ How do I pay the application fee? ♦ Checklists - What documents do I need to provide? ♦ How (where) do I submit my application? 


Application map:

Before you apply  ►  Applying  ►  After you apply  ►  Further help / links 

Things to remember when completing an application:

 It is strongly recommended that you:
• read ALL of the instructions on the front of the application form.
• Complete ALL the required details on the application form
• Include ALL relevant documents and evidence with your application, as per the checklist
• do not give false or misleading information, or your application may be refused
• submit your application early.    

How do I pay the application fee?

Payments at the Australian Visa Application Centre can be made by cash, or bank cheque. You can only pay with Indonesian Rupiah - this is an Australian Government requirement.

Bank CHEQUE or GIRO is addressed to:
PT Bank ANZ Indonesia
08 2222 10001

Please include the clearing fee in IDR CASH only for each Bank CHEQUE or GIRO.
Bank CHEQUE and GIRO from Jakarta costs IDR 5,000
Bank CHEQUE and GIRO from outside Jakarta costs IDR 50,000

The payment for an application received at the Australian embassy directly must be in cash only.

Alternatively, a friend or relative in Australia may pay the Australian dollar application fee at any Immigration Office in Australia. They will forward the receipt to you, which you can then attach to your application as evidence of the payment of the application fee.    

Checklists - What documents do I need to provide?

All the checklists give you general information, links to the application forms, and other documents that you need for each visa type.

How (where) do I submit my application? 

1) At the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC)

The Immigration Section has an agreement with VFS Global to provide Australian visa collection services in Indonesia through the AVAC. Although applications are submitted at the AVAC, visa decisions are only made by immigration staff at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta or the Australian Consulate General in Bali.

When submitting your application with the AVAC, no appointment is required, staff can verify photocopies of documents, you can receive basic visa information from the AVAC staff, they have a tracking service for your passport, have longer opening hours, parking facilities, close proximity to public transport, and a courier option if you live outside of Jakarta. A fee is charged by the AVAC for their services. For information on their fee, see:

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The AVAC address and contact details in Jakarta, are: 

Kuningan City 2nd Floor No L2-19
Jl Prof Dr Satrio Kav C18, Setiabudi
Kuningan, Jakarta 12940

The AVAC address and contact details in Bali, are:

    Australian Visa Application Centre 
    Benoa Square 3rd floor No. 7-9.3/A
    Jl. Bypass I Gusti Ngurah Rai No. 21 A, Kedonganan, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Application opening hours: 830am to 4pm – Monday to Friday 
Telephone: +62 21 3041 8700
Email: [email protected]

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2) Using an agent

You may use also use a registered migration agent, travel agent or student education agent who can submit your visa application for you.

3) Citizenship and Declaratory visa applicants

Citizenship and Declaratory visa applications can be submitted directly at the Immigration Section by post, or in person (email the embassy to make an appointment).

4) Postal and courier mail

If you are sending your application by post or courier, your application should:
• clearly state your full name, KTP number, and contact details
• include a pre-paid return envelope / return-courier advice
• be in a sealed envelope, and be clearly addressed to:
             Australian Embassy (Immigration Section)
             Jalan Patra Kuningan Raya Kav. 1-4
             Jakarta Selatan 12950

Note that courier delivery hours are on weekdays between 8am and 5pm.  

Please note that sending the application by registered mail is NOT recommended. Sending applications by courier is preferable.     

Application map:
Before you apply  ►  Applying  ►  After you apply  ►  Further help / links 

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