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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the application periods?
We expect to have one internship intake a year, with application periods to be advertised on the Australian Embassy in Indonesia website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do you accept applications outside of the recruitment period?
Not at this time.

Do you accept applications from undergraduates?
Not at this time, we are accepting postgraduate applications only.

What do you consider 'recent' in terms of graduation from postgrad course?
We will accept applications from individuals that are recently completing or have completed their studies in the past 12 months.

Do I have to be Australian to undertake an internship?
Our internships are open to Australian and Indonesian citizens only at this stage.

How do I write a selection criteria?
A selection criteria is your chance to tell the Selection Committee why you are the right person to undertake an internship with the Embassy.  The Selection Committee wants to know why you want to work at the Australian Embassy Indonesia, what you can offer, and how your skills, knowledge and experience and qualifications are applicable to the Embassy’s work.  In a nutshell – why should we select you? 

Try not to duplicate information that can already be found in your application, but do highlight any specific achievements that will demonstrate your ability to undertake an internship.  

What language should my application be in?
Your application and CV must be in English as this is the working language of the Embassy.

Who can be a referee (as requested in the application form)?
We are looking for referees such as former employers and university lecturers who will be able to comment on your skills, character and suitability for an internship.

How many internship places are there?
We expect to offer a total of seventeen placements this year.

If I’m not successful in this intake can I apply in another round?

Can internships be shortened or extended?
No, the internship is a structured program designed to develop the learning skills and experience of students.  An 8 week program is considered the minimum period of time to achieve this aim. Extensions may be granted on a case by case basis.

How many hours am I expected to work?
Working hours at the Embassy are Monday-Friday 07.45-4.00pm for Jakarta, 8.30-4.30 for Makassar and 8.00-4.00pm for Surabaya. Unless an alternative is agreed on, you should anticipate working the same hours as Embassy/Consulate-General staff.

Does the internship include any allowances?
Our internships are unpaid and are on a voluntary basis. A small daily stipend of IDR 100,000 is available but there is no allowances for travel, transport, accommodation, health insurance, passports and visas etc. You may however try to seek funding from your university or other organisation.

What is involved in the security/probity checks?
Security/probity checks require applicants to undergo a police check and submit supporting documents regarding their identity, employment history and character. This information is held in strict confidence.  If you are selected for an internship, the embassy will send you further information. 

Do interns get public holidays?
Interns will receive the same public holidays as Embassy staff.

What visa should Australian interns apply for?
The Embassy will provide further information on this to Australian applicants who have been selected for the internship program.

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