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Next Door Land


Next Door Land will take you on a virtual journey through Australia and Indonesia. Along the way, you’ll get to experience the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, race to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, learn to play the gamelan, surf near Perth, cook Indonesian dishes and play cricket in Adelaide. You’ll also learn about the history of both countries, their traditions, cultures, architecture and mythology.

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How do I play the game?

First you need to download the game from one of the links at the top of the page. Once the game is opened on your device, click or tap through from the title page and then choose the country that you’d like to visit. Your adventure will then begin.

What platforms are available?

This game is available for Android and iOS devices and Windows.


Is the game available in English and Bahasa Indonesia?

Yes. To change the language for this page, click on the button at the top right hand corner. For the game, you can change the language by clicking or tapping the settings button.

How can teachers use this game? Is there guidance?

Yes. Educators can download Australian curriculum guides. These provide advice on how the game can be used in classrooms. The guides are available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.


Artwork by Agate LevelUp, Bambang Shakuntala, and Natalie Bateman.
Story developed in consultation with Nicholas Mark.