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2010 Australian Alumni Award Winners Announced

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8 May 2010

2010 Australian Alumni Award Winners Announced

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer congratulated the winners of the 3rd Australian Alumni Awards announced on 8 May 2010 in Jakarta.

“I am delighted to celebrate the third Australian Alumni Awards, an event that recognises outstanding achievements by the winners in their chosen fields. It is a rewarding experience for me to see so many Indonesians return from their studies in Australia and make significant contributions to Indonesia,” said Ambassador Farmer.

The winners in 2010, decided by an independent panel of fellow alumni, are:

Australian Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship - Eddy Sariaatmadja, Commissioner of PT Surya Citra Media Tbk, in acknowledgement of his success in developing a successful, profitable media enterprise, and for his charitable contributions to the social and economic needs of less fortunate Indonesians.

Australian Alumni Award for Sustainable Economic and Social Development - Adrianus Meliala, of The University of Indonesia, for his contribution to better public understanding of criminality and ways to address it, and for his influence on the development of legal, judicial, security and police reforms in Indonesia.

Australian Alumni Award for Research and Innovation - Awarded jointly to Suryadi Ismadji and Sri Widiyantoro. Suryadi Ismadji of Widya Mandala Catholic Univesity for leadership in encouraging and guiding young researchers into international careers, and for developing cost-effective, environmentally friendly biomass conversion technologies for the benefit of the Indonesian community. Sri Widiyantoro to providing important contributions to the study and understanding of earthquakes in Indonesia and, through publication and collaboration, to the benefit of international seismology.

Australian Alumni Award for Business Leadership - Yuanita Rohali, of Bakrie Energy International Pte Ltd, in recognition of her corporate leadership in finance, debt restructuring and business development, and for being a role model for aspiring young business women.

Australian Alumni Award for Culture and Arts - Awarded jointly to Indra Lesmana and Annette Anhar. Indra Lesmana in recognition of his musical talent and compositions across a range of musical genres over many years, and for the regeneration of Indonesia's music industry through his support of the careers of young talent. Annette Anhar for promoting the cultural diversity of the Indonesian people through preserving their culinary histories, and for promoting Indonesia's rich cuisine and cultural heritage.

Australian Alumni Award for Journalism and Media - Najwa Shihab, program owner at Metro TV, in recognition of her dedication to quality journalism, achieved through her focus on current affairs and national political debate, exemplifying high journalistic standards and professionalism.

Australian Alumni Award for Creativity and Design - Alvin Tjitrowirjo, of alvinT, in recognition of his outstanding talent as a designer of internationally acclaimed innovative and distinctive product designs (alvinT) that embody Indonesian culture and art in a modern form.

Australian Alumni Award for Excellence in Education - Agustinus Bandur for contributing to better understanding of successful school-based management practices in Indonesia, and influencing their implementation for the benefit of school children in Eastern Indonesia.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award - Aura Chandra, Founder of Simple Media, for creating a space for thousands of young Indonesians to explore and develop their creativity in a supportive environment through traditional and new media.

Australian Alumni Award for Excellence in National Security Governance - Imam Sufaat in recognition of his more than thirty-year career, including as an aircraft pilot with almost 5,000 hours in the cockpit, and for enhancing interoperability with neighbouring air forces and greater cooperation between personnel.

The Distinguished Alumni Award was awarded to Dr Ir Hartarto Sastrosoenarto AO and Ms Farida Oetoyo for their lifelong career achievements and contributions to Indonesia, as well as maintaining links between Australia and Indonesia.

Ambassador Farmer also presented the Inspirational Alumni Award to Ms Wenny Sunarharum and Ms Mika Halpin Hasanah whose voluntary work was an inspiration for others.

The Australian Alumni Awards acknowledges the contributions to Indonesia made by tens of thousands of Indonesians who have studied at Australian schools, universities and technical colleges. More than 150 people attended the event with performances by respected Indonesian jazz musician and Australian alumni, Adrian Adioetomo.

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