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Application Form and Guidelines

All applicants must complete an Application Form and submit with a current CV. There are two format options of application form that can be used, applicants are required to choose one of these formats:

Incomplete Application Forms will not be progressed to the next stage.
Please read the Application Guidelines which may assist with preparing your submission.

Current vacancies

Closed vacancies


Position number



(LE7) Manager – Financial Services




(LE6) Senior Program Manager – Policy and Coordination




Information on employment with the Australian Embassy Jakarta


Taxation is a personal responsibility for all Locally Engaged Staff (LES) and individuals should confirm their taxation obligations before considering an offer of employment with the Embassy.

An employee will be required to establish their own liability to pay Indonesian or other income tax and any liability for taxation is the personal responsibility of the employee. The Embassy takes no role in the withholding or submission of income taxation payments to the relevant Indonesian authorities or any other taxation collecting authority. The Embassy must report annual income to Indonesian Tax and/or Social Security authorities, if required to do so by the proper authorities.

Please note that the embassy is required to report to the ATO the earnings for those staff considered to be Australian residents for taxation purposes.


Please note that there is no relocation allowance given to a successful candidate of a locally engaged position.

Visa and Work Permit

For non-Indonesian nationals, obtaining or renewing work and residence permits in Indonesia is the responsibility of the locally engaged staff and the period of employment is subject to the existence and validity of a current work permit. The Embassy will provide a supporting document confirming employment by the Embassy and reimburse up to a certain amount only for the work permit (IMTA) & stay permit (KITAS). The Employer will also pay for any mandatory levies imposed by the Indonesian Government.