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Better planning saves lives - InaSAFE 3.0


Better planning saves lives - InaSAFE 3.0

The new version of InaSAFE (3.0), free software that increasingly provides disaster managers around the world with a simple but rigorous tool for evidence-based disaster planning, is now online and ready to use.

InaSAFE was developed jointly by Indonesia, Australia and the World Bank and uses innovative science and crowd sourcing techniques (OpenStreetMap, OSM) to create realistic disaster and hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities.

The new version has a raft of additional features including an “impact function wizard” that presents a series of questions to step you through the process of carrying out a disaster assessment. Combining data from communities, local governments and scientists, InaSAFE 3.0 can assess the possible impact of future disaster events on communities, assets and infrastructure. It can also calculate the resources and emergency supplies required to support affected populations.

InaSAFE is being used in Indonesia, Malawi, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ethiopia, Madagascar & Mozambique. A team of scientists from 10 countries continue to work simultaneously to make improvements and test the free software.

As InaSAFE scientists are keen to say, “better planning saves lives”.

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