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Alumni Grant Scheme recipients participate in the Grant Orientation Workshop aimed at supporting grantees with necessary skills and knowledge on effective grant management.

Australia's global alumni community includes people from around the world who engage in an Australian education or training experience in Australia and offshore.  The definition of alumni includes those who have participated in Australian government hosted programs or those who are funded from other sources.

Many alumni become some of the most prominent people in their respective fields. Here are some of their inspirational stories.

An engaged alumni community is a huge asset for both Australia and Indonesia. To make the most of the alumni community, the alumni networks are grown and strengthened through three different sets of activities, namely professional development and networking, the Alumni Grant Scheme, and social media engagement such as the Australia-Indonesia Alumni Forum on LinkedIn.

Winner of the 2021 Alumni of the Year Award, Dr Alue Dohong drives Indonesia's green capital city.

Winner of the 2021 Promoting Women's Empowerment and Social Inclusion Award, Siti Badriyah is determined to provide better protection for migrant workers.

Winner of the 2021 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award, Herman Widjaja transforms a nation through technology.

Professional Development and Networking Activities

The professional development and networking events are intended for alumni to connect each other and with distinguished guests from the academic, business and community, government, Australian and Indonesian organisations and industries. The activities bring together many passionate alumni speakers and talents, experienced facilitators and Australian and Indonesian professionals to share their knowledge, ideas and experiences in their respective fields of expertise.

Alumni can join the offline and online workshops, discussions and regional networking events generally hosted by the Consulate-General in Surabaya, Bali and Makassar with support from Australia Awards in Indonesia.

More information about Professional Development and Networking Activities can be found here.

Alumni Grant Scheme

The Alumni Grant Scheme (AGS) mobilises alumni to put their experience, knowledge, and networks to address development challenges in their professional fields or communities. In doing so, alumni promote the quality of Australia’s education, science, research and innovation credentials, including partnering with Australian individuals and institutions.

The AGS offers seed funding up to AUD 15,000 on a competitive basis and is open to all Indonesian nationals who have graduated from a recognised Australian tertiary institution, including self-funded ones. It is also eligible for alumni of short-term studies or programs in Australia.

More information about the Alumni Grant Scheme can be found here.

Australia – Indonesia Alumni Forum

The Australia-Indonesia Alumni Forum is open to any Indonesian who are Australian Alumni, including those who have studied at an Australian university or educational institution or participated in an Australian government-funded program.

The Forum has become a landmark professional network that brings together more than 3,700 alumni. They harness this Forum to stay connected, form new professional networks, seek business opportunities, share knowledge and exchange ideas, or access ongoing local and global opportunities for networking and professional development.

To join the Australia – Indonesia Alumni Forum please visit the website on LinkedIn and click Join.

More information about the Australia – Indonesia Alumni Forum can be found here.