Australian Embassy

Application Checklists

Please use the Visa Finder to find the most appropriate visa for your visit.

Including all the required information and documentation with your visa application using the checklists below will enable us to process your application as quickly as possible.

Subclass Visa Name & Checklist Link
101 Child Visa
102 Adoption Visa
117 Orphan Relative
155 Resident Return
300 Prospective Marriage
309/100 Partner
400 Short Stay Activity Visa
403 Temporary Work (International Relations)
445 Dependent Child
461 NZ Family Relationship
462 Work and Holiday
500 Student Visa
590 Student guardian
600 Visitor Visa – Tourist Stream
600 Visitor Visa – Business Stream
600 Visitor Visa – Sponsored Family Stream
602 Medical Treatment
771 Transit
  Citizenship by Descent