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Australian and Indonesian Tourists Make History

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5 August 2016

Australian and Indonesian tourists made history in June this year, visiting each other’s countries in record numbers.

About 16,200 Indonesians travelled to Australia in June - up by more than 43 per cent over the same month last year.

Australians love for holidays in Indonesia reached a new peak.

More Australians - 116,000 - came to Indonesia in June than any month in history.

They chose Indonesia over every other destination in June, overtaking New Zealand as Australia's number one destination.

Bali is Australia's most popular choice but they are visiting other places as well with numbers growing in places as diverse as Bintan and Flores.

Australian tourism boosted Indonesia's economy by $1.8 billion last year and helped generate millions of jobs in Indonesia's tourism industry.

Australians stayed longer in Indonesia than any other tourist – on average more than nine nights.

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson said this is another sign of the depth of the community connections between Australia and Indonesia.

“Tourism and education drive lasting friendships which are the cornerstone of the ties between our countries,” Ambassador Grigson said.

“As Indonesia's tourism infrastructure improves, I am sure that more and more Australians will travel across Indonesia,” he said.

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