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Blackmores and Kalbe Join Forces in a New Indonesian Venture

Media Release

2 September 2016

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson has welcomed the new partnership between Australian company Blackmores and Indonesia’s Kalbe that will allow new vitamin products onto the local market.

Blackmores will initially supply eight products in Indonesia through the joint venture.

Ambassador Grigson said that while the two companies shared many values, it was the small differences between them that had generated the creativity needed for such a partnership.

“Blackmores experience shows the importance of Australian companies choosing the right local partner to do business in Indonesia,” Ambassador Grigson said.

The Blackmores - Kalbe partnership was sealed during Indonesia Australia Business Week in November 2015, when 360 Australian businesses travelled to Indonesia to build collaborative partnerships with Indonesian companies and explore investment opportunities.

Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate has thanked the Indonesian Government and Australian Embassy for its support in finalising the partnership.

 “We will be launching with eight products and have 25 products by the end of the year,” Ms Holgate said.

She said Blackmores had chosen to partner with Kalbe as it was a major supplier of pharmaceutical products and has an institute to train people in natural health care products.

She said Blackmores would be able to leverage Kalbe’s training processes and its strong representation in shopping centres throughout Indonesia where it has health centres giving advice on natural health products.

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