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Media Release

23 November 2016

Sixty Indonesian scientists will travel to Australia for the inaugural Australia-Indonesian Science Symposium (28 November – 1 December 2016).

Australian Deputy Ambassador to Indonesia, Dr Justin Lee said the Symposium, being held in Canberra, will be the catalyst for further scientific collaborations and research opportunities on these issues of shared concern.

The four-day event will bring together more than 120 Indonesian and Australian scientists and focus on chronic and infectious diseases, marine conservation and enhancing agricultural cooperation. There will also be discussions on the opportunities posed by big data and emerging technologies.

“Over the coming decade, technologies such as next-generation genomics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and ‘smart’ materials will have potentially transformative social, economic and environmental impacts,” Dr Lee said.

Advances in robotics have the potential to improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing while nanomedicine can be used to deliver targeted drugs. Genomics can be used to optimise crops for specific soils and climates, and unmanned vehicles can help to navigate, explore, map and understand the world's oceans.

The President of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences, Professor Sangkot Marzuki said: “Australian and Indonesian scientists, policymakers and citizens need to understand how science and technology might shape their own economies, societies and environments as well as the regional and global impacts and work together to ensure that the benefits can be equally enjoyed.”

The Symposium builds on existing links and partnerships between Australian and Indonesian scientists, universities and public research institutions. Researchers from both countries will also be able to explore opportunities for research funding, discuss career pathways in science, and examine the challenges in linking science to policy.

The Symposium, a joint initiative of the Australian Academy of Science and the Indonesian Academy of Sciences and is supported by the Australian Government’s Knowledge Sector Initiative.

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