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Australian Ambassador Visits All Wali Songo

Media Release

24 January 2017

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson will travel to Semarang today to complete his visits to the tombs of the nine Wali Songo (Islamic saints) in Kudus and Demak Regencies.

Ambassador Grigson has previously visited the graves of Sunan Drajat in Lamongan and Sunan Bonang in Tuban in November 2016. In October the Ambassador visited the grave of Sunan Giri in Surabaya, Sunan Maulana Malik Ibrahim in Gresik, Sunan Gunung Jati in Cirebon, and in August 2016 the tomb of Sunan Ampel.

"Moderate Islam in Indonesia can only be understood by tracing its historical roots, and my visit to the tombs of the nine Wali Songo has given me a deeper appreciation of the moderate Islam that unique to Indonesia," said Ambassador Grigson.

“I have been honoured to meet many pilgrims and selfless people who devote their lives to maintaining these tombs. We have discussed the important role religion plays in the lives of Indonesians and Australians,” he said.

In Semarang, the Ambassador will also visit the Great Mosque of Central Java, and also meet with a number of political leaders, Australian alumni and local business leaders.

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