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Ten-Year Partnership Strengthens Disaster Risk Management

Media Release

7 May 2018

Ten years of cooperation between Australia and Indonesia in strengthening disaster risk management will be celebrated at a two-day conference in Jakarta beginning today.

Australia has worked closely with Indonesia to increase the use of science and technology to support decision-making in disaster risk management since 2008.

Australian Chargé d’Affaires Allaster Cox said that the decade-long partnership had helped reduce the risk and impact of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and other calamities in in a country that regularly faces the challenge of natural disasters.

“Australia’s partnership with Indonesia has focused on making sure authorities have the information they need to prepare for and manage disasters, and ultimately save lives.”

Australian experts including scientists from Geoscience Australia have worked with Indonesian technical and disaster management agencies, universities, non-government organisations and the private sector to help develop Indonesia’s capacity to manage disasters and institutionalise best practice.

The partnership has helped develop practical solutions including:

  • InaSAFE, an impact assessment tool that delivers real-time data on earthquakes, volcanoes and flood and enables life-saving decisions based on credible science.
  • A National Tsunami Hazard Map, underpinning millions of dollars of investment in tsunami mitigation activities. It informs decisions around the location and design of critical infrastructure including airports, power plants, and ports.
  • The National Earthquake Hazard Map, which helps inform revisions to building standards. It leads to safer communities through better infrastructure.
  • An Indonesia-first capability to forecast volcanic ash fall during eruptions, which can be used in the management of active volcanoes like Mt Sinabung and Mt Agung.

Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Authority Deputy of Prevention and Preparedness, Ir. B. Wisnu Widjaja, said that the 10-year collaboration on science and technology in disaster risk management had benefited not only Indonesia but also the international community.

Information about the conference, advances in the use of science and technology in disaster management can be found at the following link: Ten years of Australia-Indonesia Partnership Strengthens Disaster Management.

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