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‘Science Your Future’ Competition Winners

Media Release

14 May 2018

High school students from Jember, Surabaya, Bali, Tangerang and Jakarta with an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will travel to Australian universities after winning an Australian Embassy video competition.

The five groups of students today (Monday) were announced as winners of the ‘Science Your Future’ competition, organised by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) in partnership with the Australian Technology Network and Australian businesses Qantas and Bluescope.

The students created a 90 second video and a 500 word essay that showcased some science, technology, engineering or mathematics solutions to some of Indonesia’s greatest challenges.

A total of 172 students and 51 science teachers from 23 schools across Indonesia participated in the competition. Sixty per cent of participants were female.

Each winning group will now get to visit one of Australia’s world-class technology universities with cutting edge laboratories, including Curtin University, Queensland University of Technology, RMIT, UTS and the University of South Australia.

“I am impressed to see the quality and creativity of the next generation of Indonesia’s scientific leaders,”  Australian Embassy Deputy Ambassador Allaster Cox said.

“We hope they have enjoyed using their skills and knowledge for this competition and will consider studying in Australia in the future.”

The winners included:

  • SMAN 1 Jember, East Java: Firdaus Y. Bahtiar, Firman S. M. H. Sulthon (students) and Heri Tri Sutanto (teacher) for the Usable STEM category with entry title: “Safe and Secure Traffic through Storene - Stop Before the Line”
  • SMAK St Louis 1 Surabaya, East Java: Liliani Chandranata, Maureen Priscilla Rusli (students) and F.X. Novan Ali, ST (Teacher) for the Liveable STEM category with entry title: “Coconut Husk Hand Sanitizer”
  • Taman Rama School, Bali: Melina Janet Mauro, Shivani Yasmine Oberoi (students) and Angelita D Los Banos (teacher) for the Edible STEM category with entry title: “Freedom of Food”
  • Santa Laurensia High School – Tangerang: Gladys Violetta, Clarita Kayleen Yuella (students) and Dra LC Destri Nudyawati MPd (teacher) for the Edible STEM category with entry title: “Utilization of Red Dragon Fruit Skin (Hylocereus polyrhizus) as Adsorbent on Wasted Cooking Oil”                    
  • SMA High Scope Indonesia, Jakarta: Safira Dastalenta, Samsara (students) and Rr Adriana Kusumawati Arumndalu (teacher) for the Liveable STEM category with entry title: “JERNIH - Jakarta Environmental Remediation and Irrigation Hydroculture”          

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