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Major Milestones Help Commemorate 70 Years

Media Release

12 February 2020

To celebrate the milestone of 70 years of diplomatic relations, and following the finalisation of IA-CEPA and President Widodo’s visit to Australia, the Australian Embassy has launched a ‘70 Years, 70 Stories’ website.

The ‘70 Years, 70 Stories’ website ( celebrates all those Australians and Indonesians that have contributed to the relationship during these years and the many policies and programs that have helped shape the relationship.

From links between Bugis traders from Sulawesi and northern Australian Indigenous communities that began 400 years ago, to Australia’s support for Indonesian independence after the Second World War, to President Jokowi addressing Australia’s national parliament earlier this week, Australia and Indonesia share a unique bond as neighbours and friends.

“As neighbours, Indonesia and Australia have a long shared history that isn’t as widely known today as it should be,” Australian Chargé d’Affaires to Indonesia Allaster Cox said.

The website is available in both Bahasa Indonesia and English and features information about both current and historical events, and a resource-rich multimedia library (photos and video), including the Indonesia Calling and Batavia 1945 documentaries, and many photos from the National Archives of Australia, and National Library of Australia archives.

The website features the stories of a number of prominent Indonesians: from the first Ambassador to Australia, Dr Raden Usman Sastroamidjojo, who visited Australia in 1947, to prominent Australian alumnus and President Director of Blue Bird Group Noni Purnomo, who won the Australian Government’s 2019 Alumni of the Year Award.

It is an excellent resource for those Australians and Indonesians that want a greater understanding of the depth and breadth of the bilateral relationship.

“I encourage everyone to take the time to explore the site and find out more about the factors that have brought us closer together as neighbours and as friends.”


Images are available at: FLICKR  ALBUM