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Let’s Go by Bus in Jakarta! with Support from Australia

Media Release

21 June 2022

Australia is working with PT Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta) to deliver safe and high-quality public transport in Jakarta.

Mr Tim Stapleton, Minister Counsellor Economic at the Australian Embassy Jakarta said, “Australia is pleased to be working with TransJakarta to transform services following the pandemic, with a goal of increased ridership”.

Mr Stapleton added, “the crisis preparedness and communications plans launched today were developed in close partnerhips with TransJakarta”. “The plans provide a strong basis for TransJakarta’s response to future crises and are a valuable toolkit in TransJakarta’s efforts to deliver safe and better services”. 

TransJakarta, like many transport providers globally, experienced a sharp decline in ridership during the COVID-19 pandemic. TransJakarta and the Australian Government-funded Indonesia-Australia Partnership for Infrastructure (KIAT) jointly developed crisis management, preparedness and communications plans to support a more resilient public transport service. 

The plans, provided with Australian assistance, include recommendations on how to manage future disruptions. Recommendations from these reports will help Transjakarta’s “Win-Back” campaign to increase ridership by supporting safe, urban public transport.

The Australian Embassy, represented by Minister-Counsellor Tim Stapleton, formally handed the documents to Transjakarta at a ceremony in Jakarta’s newest transit interchange which has been open since December 2021. Australia will continue to partner with TransJakarta, including on two initiatives aimed at integrating transport hubs with residential areas in Jakarta.


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