Australian Embassy

Papua Visit

Media Release

28 February 2024

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Penny Williams PSM visited Jayapura in Papua province from 26-27 February 2024.

While in Jayapura, Ambassador Williams met with Chair of the DPR Papua, Jhony Banua Rouw, the Acting Governor of Papua Province, Dr. M. Ridwan Rumasukun, and the Papua Chief of Police, Irjen Pol. Mathius D. Fakhiri

During the visit Ambassador Williams visited the Regional Development Planning Agency in Jayapura, to see in action how Australia and Indonesia are working together for better development planning in Papua.

“I am very pleased to visit Jayapura and to see firsthand the cooperation between the province of Papua and Australia,” said Ambassador Williams.

A highlight of Ambassador Williams visit to Jayapura was to host a dinner for prominent Australian Alumni women leaders in Papua.

Ambassador Williams also met with the Rector of Universitas Cenderawasih, Dr. Oscar Oswald O. Wambrauw.

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