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ModCon Competition

ModCon (short for Modern Conference) is a digital arts competition for students and emerging artists age 18 – 35 years old. Winners will win a trip to Australia (for Indonesian) and Indonesia (for Australian) for professional development opportunities, which include meeting professional artists, participating in workshops and having their artwork shown in galleries.

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Competition Winners

On 15 October 2016, the Australian Embassy, ruangrupa and Jakarta 32ºC Festival were pleased to announce Anisa Shabrina Yunus (Indonesia) and Alannah Scorer (Australia) as the winners of ModCon 2016.

Ms Yunus, an alumnus of Hasanuddin University in Makassar, garnered the most public votes with her artwork, “The Current Face of Indonesia”. This art features street vendors, public transport, visual arts and music as a representation of modern Indonesia.

Ms Scorer of University of Western Australia depicted the average Australian student’s daily life, thought-processes and the daydreamer in all of us through her submission, “Different”. She represents her concept through a collage of various digital media techniques captured in a single image.

Both winners will travel to their neighbouring country and take part in a range of activities that will contribute to their professional development as artists.

The Australian Embassy would like to congratulate both winners for their achievements and also thank all participants who have submitted art as a part of ModCon 2016.


Media Release


Shortlisted Artworks

Mod Con Timeline

  • Competition Start Date: 30 May 2016.
  • Competition Deadline: 6 September 2016 (23:59 – GMT+7, West Indonesia Time).
  • Evaluation by jury panel: 7 – 14 September 2016.
  • Shortlisting: 15 September 2016.
  • Open Voting on Australian Embassy Instagram: 15 September – 15 October 2016.
  • Voting Deadline: 15 October 2016 (15:00 – GMT+7, West Indonesia Time).
  • Exhibition of all Shortlisted artwork: 8 – 22 October 2016 (Jakarta 32°C Festival at Gudang Sarinah, Pancoran – South Jakarta, Indonesia).
  • Announcement of winners: 15 October 2016.