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Passports Information


You should regularly check your passport to ensure that you have sufficient validity and pages remaining. Like many countries, Indonesia requires at least six months validity remaining on passports for visitors entering the country. Citizens intending to renew their Indonesian work permits will usually require a passport with more than 12 months validity.

If you attempt to travel to Indonesia without having the required passport validity, it is likely that the airline will refuse to carry you at time of check-in or that you will be denied entry on arrival in Indonesia. If travelling on to another country you should check with the particular Embassy of the country or countries you are travelling to, well in advance of your departure to check validity requirements. You should also check whether you need to apply for a visa for that country.

If you are a dual national with Australian citizenship, you are required to have a valid Australian travel document for travel to or from Australia.

Passport application forms are available from the Consular counter on the 2nd floor of the Embassy. Fees are payable in rupiah only at the time of lodgement of the application form.

All adult passport applications must be lodged in person and all child passport applications must be lodged by at least one of the parents. For further information, please contact the Embassy on +62 21 2550 5500.

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