Australian Embassy

Registration with the Embassy

Please read the following prior to registering with the Embassy:

Purpose of Registration

A Register of Australian Citizens Abroad is maintained at the embassy solely for use in relation to Consular Activities, for example, to facilitate contact in an emergency. The information contained in the Register is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 and can only be divulged under the provisions of that Act.

Protection of Australian Citizens

When travellers enter a foreign state, they become subject to its laws and are legally accountable for acts they commit on its territory. In the event of Australian Citizens finding themselves in difficulties, Consular Officers seek to ensure that Australian Citizens receive the benefit of the same laws, administration, protection and means of redress for injuries which the foreign state affords its own subjects. In the event that the law applied in the particular instance falls below an acceptable international standard of justice, official representation could be made.

Emergency Situations

The Australian Government, through its Consular Officers, endeavours to provide assistance in situations where danger exists due to civil unrest, war, etc, when it is considered necessary and where it can be arranged. This does not diminish the obligation of citizens to keep themselves informed on the situation in the country likely to affect their safety or to meet costs incurred in rendering assistance.

Consular Warden System

The Embassy has established a network of Provincial Consular Wardens in some, but not all, provinces to assist with the flow of information between the Embassy and Australian citizens in Indonesia in times of emergency such as natural disasters or civil unrest. Your contact details will be passed to your local area Warden. [Note: There is no warden sytem operating in Jakarta - the consular section of the Embassy will cover this area].

How to Register

Registration with the Embassy is voluntary. Registration is only accepted from Australian Citizens and their family members. Citizens not currently registered with the Embassy may register electronically now by completing the online registration form (
Registration Forms are also available from the Consular Section on the 2nd Floor of the Embassy.

Change of Details

It is the responsibility of those persons registered to inform the Embassy of any changes to their details such as address, phone numbers and intended date of departure from Indonesia. Citizens can advise changes using the form below which should be faxed to the Embassy.

Registration/Change of Details Form (Word document 33kb)

This form is also available by Poll Fax number 021 2550 5677 (call this number from your fax and when you hear the tone, press the fax\'s start button).